Public Spaces

P u b l i c
S p a c e s

Public spaces, large internal public spaces, some bustling, others in respectful silence. Teeming with rushing pedestrians, curious tourists, visitors, children playing or annoying their parents, silent readers, concentrating from time to time.

Railway stations, museums, public libraries, ancient archaeological monuments, large cathedrals, long galleries, stairways, stone arcades everywhere.

Each one with its characteristic murmur, its boring statues, endless shelves laden with books, luminous signs announcing imminent departures or unexpected delays, its works of art observed at times by thousands of astonished eyes.

Enormous precincts, at times empty and silent, which suddenly receive noisy human tides that arrive, stop or rush by who knows where.

Magical, luminous public spaces, witnesses to the passage of time, to people and to life.

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